Cedar Shake Roof - The Benefits It Offers

Say that you are in search for a roofing option that is capable of providing you with improved aesthetic appeal while providing you with several benefits, then you may want to consider cedar shake roof. Below, I have compiled the most popular reasons for getting one.

Number 1. A different level of aesthetics - cedar roofing can coordinate with different home styles. The roofing company you have hired will provide you with samples of architectural style homes with cedar shake roof installed. Through this, it is going to give you a clearer idea on how your home will look like when the project is finished.

Shake can be stained in different colors and with this, you can create a tone that goes best with the aesthetic you desire.

Number 2. Durability - among the natural benefits of having cedar is the ability it has in resisting UV damage and bugs. As a matter of fact, it can also hold up against storm damage from hail to wind. The damage caused by thawing and freezing is a known concern in cold north. And because of the reason that cedar is known to be a natural product, it doesn't have layers to delaminate and separate under these conditions, making it the ideal product for people living in cold weather areas.

Number 3. Insulation - cedar shakes can also insulate the home naturally not like other north shore roofing materials. But the question is, what does this high insulation has to do with you? It helps in reducing the amount of energy that you need to cool and heat your house throughout the year and because of that, it helps you to save money on electricity through this.

Number 4. Green effort - there are lots of efforts made to process and harvest cedar in the most environmentally friendly possible mainly because wood is a biodegradable, renewable and recyclable resource. This isn't true with products that are making use of petroleum. Forests are managed a lot more effectively or in other words, trees that are being used from forests are being replanted. Wood is among the earth's few renewable building materials so always keep that in mind.

Number 5. Fighting fire, hail and wind - say for example that the cedar shake roofs company has installed the roofing properly, rest assure that it will be able to withstand winds brought by hurricanes.

Number 6. Fire resistance - cedar is wood in nature yes, but several manufacturers have started using fire resistant chemicals to make it become fire resistant.

Number 7. Cedar shakes stand up against hail - there are a number of studies done about this matter. Composite shingles may be damaged to the point of needing replacement in hail storms whereas the cedar shakes may only have small amounts of marring.